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We Are JcurveEnt

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun.

Making a game is like making imagination a reality. The game is where you can express everything, including the characters, spaces, and voices you imagined.
We continue to develop games every day to continuously acquire new skills and reach users deeper.

Now, games have become a culture. We will continue to grow into a group that creates a culture, not just a group that makes games.


What We Are About


Game development requires a lot of skills and manpower. Through steady challenges, we can develop not only mobile but also AR and VR.
In other words, there is an opportunity to make more amazing games.


The world is changing rapidly. The same goes for the way of play and culture. Our own rapid development speed is the advantage of being able to quickly meet rapidly changing game trends.



There are veteran developers who have been developing games for more than 20 years. Through numerous experiences of failure and success, any problem is minimizing risk.
Wouldn't there be a chance for success only if you had the experience of failure?

Meet the Founders

Our Offices

Our Studio in South Korea

Korea is a country that loves games so much. The number of people who produce games and enjoy games is also higher than the percentage of the population. We have studios in two places in Korea by dividing the development form of Korea. 

VR and AR development are being developed in Gwangju Metropolitan City, the head office, and mobile games are being developed in Seoul, the branch office.

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